Red Watch

The Red Watch serves as the police force for the city of Redwater. They also double as the trained core of the army, supplemented by conscripts and the mercenary companies that headquarter there.

The Barracks are the headquarters of the Red Watch, which also serves as a training ground and as the city’s prison. It is located in the Blocks, built right into the palisade between the Block and the Artisan’s Ward and it is by far the biggest and most conspicuous building there, a mini-fortress.

Most of the prisoners serve time in underground cells, but a few lucky ones are “drafted” into the Red Watch, where they are placed into experienced units and trained under the watchful eye of hardass officers. This helps the Red Watch keep their number up and has been somewhat successful in keeping the crime rates down. (Some of the these prisoners actually join the Red Watch when their sentence is done and have gone on to become model guards.)

The Red Watch patrols the city of Redwater day and night. Usually the guards patrol in pairs (sometimes you see them in threes) unless they are expecting trouble. A guard patrol in a very dangerous area is usually a group of five (4 guardsmen and a sergeant).

Men and women serve equally in the Watch. Women who serve in the watch are called Guardsmen and officers are still called ‘sir’ in formal settings. This is a long-standing verbal tradition, not a gender bias.

Conscripts – These are the lowest rank in the Red Watch. They are marked by a red dot on their right arm. They are the greenest recruits and prisoners who are being allowed to work their crimes off. A Conscript is never allowed to work alone and is usually linked with a very experienced Guardsman patrol. A Conscript is still in training and usually have limited combat skills. Conscripts wear scale mail and carry a light wooden shield with the crest of Redwater painted on it and carry a short sword and crossbow.

Guardsman – Most of the watch are Guardsmen, who fill up the rank and file of the organization. Guardsmen are nominally higher in rank to Conscripts and patrol the city in pairs. They are marked by a red scarf. Guardsmen are well trained and disciplined (to a point). They are equipped with scale mail, crossbow, heavy wooden shield and a long sword. Specialists (stalkers and the like) wear studded leather.

Sergeant – They are the lowest rank of officer in the watch, responsible for the Guardsmen serving under the and for keeping track of the goings-on in the district. They serve as detectives when necessary. They wear a red half-cape and wear a breastplate, shield, long sword and crossbow.

Lieutenant – These experienced officers schedule the duty patrols and supervise the sergeants under them. They also serve as officers at the training grounds, training conscripts to soldiery. They wear a full red cape, breastplate, crossbow, sword and shield.

Guard Captain – Each District, including the Slums (as of recently anyway), is overseen by a Guard Captain, who is given a fair amount of leeway to deal with their district as they see fit. Guard Captains are powerful officers who hold political clout. When they are out on official business, they wear full plate armor with red greaves and gauntlets and whatever other equipment they prefer.

Guard Commander – The head honcho of the whole Red Watch. The current Commander is Casica Vrel, an elf, not one to be trifled with. She is no nonsense and has the ear of the Prince of Redwater, Quinn Gray.

Red Watch

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