Tower of the Arcane

This exotic spire in the Midmarket Ward houses many of the city’s wizards and sorcerers. Those who do not live in the Tower are all registered with the tower as members. The nominal fee for registering is used to run the Tower’s operations, but the real reason for it all is so that Redwater can keep track of mages in the city.

In the event of a magical “event” in the city, Tower mages will be called in to investigate and figure out who caused the disturbance. In this case, they would work alongside the Red Watch.

Magister Evalia runs the Tower of the Arcane.

Unregistered mages can expect to be tracked down and given an option, register or be arrested by the Tower. Most choose to register, as the stories of the Mage Prison in the tower are not pleasant. Mages who register are required to list their specialization, spells known, and item creation abilities.

The Tower leaves most mages free to run their own affairs however they wish to. However, mages caught causing too much trouble in the city are reprimanded by the tower. The Syndicate and The Cartel both pay the Tower obscene amounts of money to stay off their backs…including unregistered mages under criminal employ.

Budding mages who want training can apply for an apprenticeship at the tower, but it does not come cheap. Redwater sometimes pays for promising guard recruits to learn magic at the tower.

Tower of the Arcane

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