The Forge

Located in the Artisan’s Ward, The Forge is THE fighter school in Redwater. They only accept students who can pay in gold up front. After tuition is paid (500 gold/6 months) the students are put through world-class training. Any style the student wants to learn, any weapon they want to master, they can teach.

Felicia Lawler is the headmaster of the battle school. Her particular specialty is with heavy 2 handed weapons, though she is well versed in several styles.

The Forge has a large training area surrounded by a wooden fence on two sides. The other two sides are taken up by a pair of dormitories and an office that connects them in the middle. The fighters in The Forge train outside in the blistering heat of summer, the frigid winter, and everything in between. Many people drop out of training.

The people who keep at it and graduate are some of the finest warriors in Redwater.
The Syndicate has their hand in the operation of The Forge and they will sometimes pay tuition for people they deem promising. The Syndicate will pay for 6 months tuition at the school, after which time the student must work the debt off for one year. Dropping out of The Forge is just not an option for these students (the ones who like being alive anyway).

The Forge

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