The Cartel

The Cartel – This organization is relatively low brow. They deal in prostitution, protection, poisons, murder for hire and other generally bad stuff. They run the Blocks and are trying to maintain control of The Quay, but are locked in bitter struggle with their rivals, the Syndicate.

It is no secret that those wishing to do business with or meet The Cartel can go to the Mugs and Mead Tavern in the Blocks. However, those who go there looking for trouble find it…badly.

Players who go to the Mugs and Mead looking for The Cartel will most likely meet Orden Hardhammer. He is a smooth talker and will attempt to figure out people’s intentions. He is also the gatekeeper for the higher levels of the organization. He is the face of The Cartel for most low-ranking members. Meeting those above him either means you did extremely well and are being rewarded…or, ya know…not.

Other notable NPCs in the Mugs and Mead Tavern include Amber. A human girl who serves and pours drinks at the bar. She is very loyal to Orden, and he is very fond of her as well.

The Cartel

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