Shades of Grey

Against foes old and new

The party completed their search of the fortress to find the lich and his vampire ally had fled, they healed themselves with their limited resources and left the fortress to meet with the Talon Clan. The clan was heartbroken at the fate of their kin but gladly shared their healing magic and shared their supplies with the heroes. Cloudwalker shared some vital information with the party, he had learned that Davos had struck an accord with an old chromatic dragon that the founders of the Talon Clan had named themselves after. He did not know the full name of the dragon only that it contained, “Hal,” As the party debated how to find the dragon, Cloudwalker shared that the location was to the north and could lead them. After recovering their strength the party set off but before they could leave the compound, Miria suddenly collapsed. The party rushed to her aid, but she had been stricken by some sickness, she urged the party to go on without her as she was in no condition to aid them. The party. The party vowed to slay the fiends and tell the tale to her upon their return.

Cloudwalker lead the party at a brisk pace and after a day of hard traveling they reached a pathway that lead to a large cave. Cloudwalker would not be be able to join them in parlay because of ill relations between the dragon and the clan. He explained that before Davos the clan had given tribute to the dragon, but with their alliance with the lich they felt no reason to send tribute to the dragon He offered the party his magnificent axe to be give to the dragon to begin their parlay. The party accepted the gift and dismounted from their horses and set off up the trail to the cavern.

King Ike ever confident took lead, with Lane next to him, and the remainder of the party behind them they entered in the cavern. There a very large red chromatic dragon was resting on a sprawling mound of treasure, the dragon roared out a challenge and the party responded diplomatically and tried to prevent Ike from insulting the dragon. After mitigating the demand the the dragon serve Ike as a mount, the parry explained that they were not here for the dragon’s treasure in fact they were there to add to it and presented Cloudwalker’s axe. The dragon examined the offering and commanded them to speak. The party explained, they were there only for the lich and offered to serve as the dragon’s agents in destroying him. This greatly amused the dragon and agreed to allowing the party the privilege of serve him by destroying the lich and his vampire ally. They were recovering in a cave off of the cavern and if they hurried they would catch them unaware. That said the dragon resumed his resting place on his treasure and watched the spectacle unfold.

The party raced to the end of the chamber and they entered it just as the lich and dragon were rising from sarcophagi. Gerran lobbed a fireball at the pair and battle was joined. The lich and vampire resorted to invisibility and trickery to keep the party divided. Ike was a favorite target of mind control spells but was able to shake most of them off. The other caster responded with fireballs of her own but thanks to a combination of Alcher and Gerran she was made visible and an easy target, but she did not go easily. Once the vampire was slain they were able to aid team melee in slaying the lich again. As Davo’s body crumbled to the ground the dragon chuckled at the defeat of his so called ally.

“Well done my servants, well done indeed! Now kill Cloudwalker!”

The party was aghast at the proposition and refused, the dragon rose to its full height and roared, “Then you are my servants no longer and thus you are my foes!”

The party wisely used the time the dragon spent conducting its monologue to drink potions and try to prepare themselves for the fight to come. They scattered as the dragon let loose a blast of it’s breath weapon nearly immolating them. Without the aid of Miria it became a race to see who would outlast who. With Alcher and Gerran providing ranged support with arcane and explosive blasts, it was up to team melee to enter into the fray. It was close fight as the party was barely standing when the party struck the final blow and slew the beast as it tried to flee.

Cloudwalker raced into the chamber to aid the party and was amazed at the party’s victory over their foes. They explained what transpired to Clouldwalker and returned his axe and offered most of the treasure to the clan to help them survive the coming winter. He was gracious beyond works and swore that he would see his clan return to the way things were before the lich.

The party then focused their energies on finding the lich’s phylactery that was somewhere in the chamber. They had to find it less the lich return to torment them again. After several searches they discovered a sealed container in the floor that radiated necromatic energy. Opening the container they found a bronze ring, the party pooled their powers and was able to destroy the phylactery sending Davos to his final death. Their task done the party set off to return to their castle in the Land of Land, but not without the severed head of the dragon to adorn the great hall of the castle of the Land of Land.


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