Quinn Grey

The Prince of Redwater


Quinn Grey is the young ruler of Redwater. At the age of 25, he is motivated and energetic, yet unexperienced in the terms of running a city. He is rumored to be preoccupied with old tales of heroic kings and styles himself after them. While some scoff at this behavior, others embrace the young Prince as a beacon to bring the city new glory.

Quinn has been trained as a Paladin, but was forced to leave the order to accept his role as Prince of Redwater. He still follows the faith, but has since taken up more traditional knighthood training.

Quinn isn’t the smartest man ever (neither is he stupid), but he is excellent at dealing with people. He retains a small retinue of advisers, including a wizard and a shady fellow that no one seems to know the origin of. Whoever that guy is, he has the trust of the prince.

It is rumored that the Prince’s advisers sometimes take matters into their own hands, keeping the Prince in the dark about their actions, but there is no solid proof of any such thing.

There are rumors that Quinn is carrying on a secret relationship with Casica Vrel Guard-Commander of the Red Watch.

Quinn Grey

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