Orden Hardhammer

Barkeep at the Mugs and Mead Tavern


Orden is the head barkeeper at the Mugs and Mead in the Blocks, though several subordiantes and bar wenches actually pour most of the drinks. He is a smooth character, able to talk his way into and out of just about anything. Orden often proclaims, “I get paid to talk and I get paid to shut up, and if you’re lucky you might be able to figure out which.” He is a skilled performer and will often perform bawdy songs at the request (with coin) of his patrons.

Orden is a member of The Cartel and is the generally accepted gatekeeper to the higher levels. He recruits promising young criminals for the boss and is usually the contact for low level Cartel members.

Garden variety offenses in the bar meet with an intimidation check from Orden, during which time he will cut their purse and throw them out.

Note: Orden is fond of one of his bar wenches, a young human woman who he calls Amber. Anyone caught harassing her meets with swift retribution (intimidation with weapons involved) from Orden, who is very handy with a blade. One of his favorite things to do to someone who offends Amber is to force them to strip to their skivvies in the middle of the bar. He then throws them out.

Orden Hardhammer

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