Magister Evalia

Magister of the Tower of the Arcane


Magister Evalia is in charge of the Tower. She is a powerful wizard and somehow manages to balance giving the mages of the city freedom to conduct their affairs with the necessity of regulating the mages and keeping the city in order.

She is a decent enough person, but practical enough to not pick a fight with the criminal organizations in the city. They pay her to keep the tower out of their affairs. She gives them some leeway, and they try to keep their magic low profile.

In the aftermath of the coup Magister Evalia has lost the respect of the Prince due to her inaction. Rumors of aiding the Syndicate cling to her and she is looked upon with suspicion though not openly, she is still a powerful figure in the city and not to be trifled with.

She looks down on upon practitioners of the arcane that do not fall into traditional schools, such as maguses and sorcerers.

Magister Evalia

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