• Alcher


    Gnome Alchemist
  • Cappa


    I'm an Urban Ranger (Oread by race) by the name of Cappa short for Caprecia Seven Salts. By day I walk beside my dog Lem with my caped traveler's outfit, backpack, and "walking stick", but cross my path or mess with my friends and taste the sweet taste o
  • Finle


    Quirky Female Gnome Mage
  • Gerran mas de Fiat

    Gerran mas de Fiat

    An elf who outwardly projects the image of an individual who enjoys the casting of destructive spells. Of his past he will speak nothing of his origins or his travels. Gerran is a very driven individual not content to play the waiting game.
  • King Ike

    King Ike

    Lord of the land of Land; The LandLord
  • Mel-og (The Tank) Aeronsteone

    Mel-og (The Tank) Aeronsteone

    Dwarf Tank Dwarf with a stick... or "That one really short Golem..."
  • Roth the Joyous

    Roth the Joyous

    hlaf orc warpriest
  • Sparoukiel  Sperethiel  "Spark"

    Sparoukiel Sperethiel "Spark"

    Spark is an elf new to the outside world. She is adept with ranged fighting in a variety of fasions including magic.