Shades of Grey

The Trembling Earth

Blood flows in the Alabaster Court

Much had changed in the two years since the attempted coup by the Syndicate. The power structures, both official and unofficial of the city had shifted. The Cartel had risen in power, taking control of the Quay away from the Syndicate, and the slums had slipped further into ruin as resources were strained throughout the city. A doomsday cult had risen to prominence with their preaching about the coming doom that would strike the city in the form of earthquakes, which had soon struck the city even though there was no history of tremors in the region.

It was all the talk in the tavern were a trio of strangers were dining, two were half orcs who had the look of warriors, and a nervous looking elf. They were sharing tales of their travel, one of the half orcs was an unconventional practitioner of the arcane named Buka, she was a magus and had drawn the ire of Magister Evalia due to her unique usage of magic. She delighted in channeling arcane power through her tusks while biting her opponents. The other half orc was a boastful individual who introduced himself as Roth the Joyous, and was a preacher of a sort. He was a warpriest who followed the tenants of god by facing his foes in combat and not in theological debate. The elf had a haunted look in his eye and twitched while stating his name as Sketchy and that he was a humble servant of god, and served as an oracle. They had each arrived in Redwater for their own reasons but now were compelled to discover what it was that was occurring in the city.

They learned Prince Quinn Grey had called for a council at the Alabaster Court in the Guilded Ward to find some answers as to what was happening in his city. The trio made their way to the palace and blended in with the diverse crowd of spectators watching the proceedings. Some of the nobles debated endlessly about what should be done, undercutting Lord Charney who tried to maintain order, and ranting about their own grievances.Until the arguing what shattered by Buka roaring, “Why doesn’t someone go under the city and find out what it going on?”

Her random outburst ceased the nobles arguments and the Prince seized the moment and charged Buka and her comrades to meet with his minister Lord Charney before proceeding with their endeavor. Several nobles tried to protest but the prince brought his fist down and declared the council over. The nobles grumbled and left the chamber followed by the crowd leaving the trio and Lord Charney in the chamber. He asked them to follow him as they discussed their plan to investigate the tremors and to introduce them to a member of the Red Watch who would be joining them. Their new companion was not a volunteer but rather a conscript and had the appearance of a rogue and had a single red dot on his right arm. He introduced himself as Virage the Mirage and wanted to know if this would fulfill his obligation.

The group had a short discussion about how to go about investigating the tremors and Charney suggested they keep a low profile by avoiding the crowds outside the main chamber and lead them out a back passageway. They continued with Charney leading them down a lesser used hallway as they discussed the recent events in Redwater. as tehy were moving down the hallway a Red Watch patrol and a man in robe was marching towards them. Charney was unconcerned but Roth and Virage noticed something off about them. The two of them were able to act as the guards suddenly drew weapons and attacked. The robed man threw something at the ground and two clockwork soldiers appeared.

A vicious melee followed as Charney was struck down and the group was hard pressed by the assault. The clockwork soldiers were revealed to be arcane casters of a sort and bombarded the party with lightening and fireballs. Virage and Sketchy vanished from sight leaving Roth and Buka were the only targets and were soon swarmed by the imposters, both took several hideous wounds. Roth suffered each wound in stride and after taking a blow that should have killed him he only laughed and channeled his god’s power into him returning him to the fight and striking down the guard who had stabbed him. Sketchy called upon his god’s power to aid his comrades and to keep Charney alive, meanwhile Sketchy was stalking the enemy eliminating them one by one.

As the battle raged back and forth Sketchy realized the guards were bolstered by several enchantments, he smirked as he began removing their enchantments. The guards began following one by one, the clockwork soldiers had exhausted their spells and withdrew from battle. The remaining guards were falling and the robed man prepared to flee through magical means but before he could finish his casting Virage killed him with a single blow. The battle ended and as the group saw to their wounds they searching the area and found the robed man had several documents on him that incriminated Charney in various dealings. Virage glanced through them and deduced they were forgeries. The group realized that these soldiers were here to assassinate Charney and plant these documents on him. Searching further they found a bizarre religious icon that none of them could identify. The party had not even begun their investigation but had realized that there was more going on.


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