The Quay

This is the dockside district in Redwater. It is an busy district, as it handles the shipping, transport and fishing industries that support the city as a whole. While the well-to-do would never go to The Quay if they didn’t have to, it is the primary wealth generator of the city. Entertainment of all kinds of variety can be found here and the Syndicate and The Cartel are constantly fighting over turf here, though it only rarely spills onto the open streets.

The Redwater Tannery is located in The Quay, it is run by Kire Arrowstorm.

The Pit is located somewhere in The Quay.

Locks and Gears is located just off the docks and run by Endo Hammerfel. Much of its business comes from repairing winches and the like for ships and the guide chain for The Sea Barbican, his real passion is locks and traps.

The Quay

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