The Guilded Ward

This is the district of Redwater where the nobility isolate themselves from the unwashed masses. It also houses some of the more prestigious cathedrals in the city.

Grahm’s Imports is located in the Guilded Ward. It is run by Grahm Arumholm, the president of the Merchants Guild.

The Merchants Guild headquarters in the Guilded Ward, at Grahm’s Imports.

Pavel’s is the high-end restaurant in Redwater. Being let into the restaurant is a mark of prestige in the city. Anyone going in need to be well-dressed and well groomed. Walking into the place armed and armored (no matter how shiny) is a great way to make people angry with you.

The Temple of the Smiling Horizon is is the Guilded Ward. The nobles who live there view the temple with equal parts admiration and suspicion. Many of the monks are orphans and former thieves, but the temple also trains these orphans into some of the city’s finest artisans. Also, the monks are the city’s principle mage-hunters.

The Guilded Ward

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