The Chartered Company

The Chartered Company has an office in Redwater. They primarily deal with guaranteed shipments of expensive or rare goods. They are the most expensive shipping service around, but they are also the most reliable. They can get goods to any city in the realm in whatever time frame you’re willing to pay for. They run traditional wagon caravans, speedy merchant ships, flying couriers and even teleportation services.

The Chartered Company in Redwater is not a part of the Merchant Guild, as they are not technically a local organization. They do, however, go out of their way to be on good terms with the Guild, offering preferred rates to Guild members and the like. The balance of power between the two has been stable for some time.

The Chartered Company has no interest in angering the Merchant Guild or the associated Syndicate any more than either one of those wants to disrupt a major pipeline of trade and money flowing through the city (or to tangle with the Chartered Company’s private army).

Each local branch of the company is run by a local Charter Member, who is responsible for drawing in and organizing business in their territory. Though the charter member has a lot of freedom to conduct their business how they see fit, they have the full financial and personnel resources of the organization. In other words, each local Charter Member effectively has the means to have a private army on short notice.

This power comes with a price. If a shipment is lost on their watch, the local Charter Member responsible is charged with immediate recovery of goods or the financial compensation if they cannot be found. Too many lost shipments, wasted resources, or failure to abide by the standards (basically lawful neutral) expected by the company results in the loss of a charter member’s status (and the considerable wealth it generates) and a new Charter Member is appointed to put the organization back in order.

The current Charter Member in control of Redwater’s branch is Yolanda Lightfeet. She has been the Charter Member for five years and is well respected in the Chartered Company and the community. She has been known to hire adventurers to clear caravan routes and recover lost goods on her own coin rather than drawing on Company resources.

This has earned her a lot of loyalty within the community for keeping coin in the city…plus a lot of very happy sell-swords in the city. It is considered profitable to be on Yolanda’s good side, and dangerous to do something to betray her trust. People who get in Yolanda’s good graces have been offered official positions within the Chartered Company.

Mukwan is the half-orc assistant to Yolanda. He handles the actual hiring and firing of people for Yolanda.

The Chartered Company

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