The Syndicate runs the higher-end criminal activities in the City of Redwater. They handle high end prostitution, smuggling, and protection rackets (sort of). Woe be to the poor criminal who works in Syndicate territory without their permission.

While they run plenty of criminal activities the Syndicate has a public face, the Merchant Guild.

Most members of the Merchant’s Guild simply pay their dues and go about their legal business, either ignorant of or purposefully ignoring the less savory aspects of the organization. Businesses who refuse to join the guild or lapse in their payment usually fall upon a sad fate…quickly (see racketeering).

The Syndicate headquarters is rumored to be Guilded Ward.

People looking to meet with the Syndicate will probably wind up at Pavel’s Restaurant, a high end eatery in the Guilded Ward. Eating at the restaurant requires reservations that are very difficult to get. There is a private dining area that is even more exclusive, where Syndicate business is done.

If you want in, you need the password, which changes every week (DC 25 gather info check) and must find your way to the right location to give it.


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