Redwater is an independent city-state that sits on the northern edge of the Constant Sea. The city consists of a number of different wards loosely organized by affluence.

The Quay sits at the extreme south of the city, surrounding the port of Redwater. Between the Quay and the rest of Redwater is the Blocks, with the Slum District sitting off the west side like a wart on the city’s ass.

After that, there is a wooden palisade that surrounds the heart of the city, with the massive Barracks that house the Red Watch sitting at the south of it, right by the Blocks. Inside the Palisade, the city is more or less divided into east and west sides, with the Artisan’s Ward to the west and the Midmarket Ward to the east.

At the heart of the city, surrounded by massive stone walls with towers, stands The Guilded Ward. Home to the nobility. The entire ward is a fortress, and the richest part of the city.

Below are links to the different wards.

The Guilded Ward – This district houses the well-to-do and nobility of the city. It is technically a fortress, enclosed entirely inside a thick stone wall with towers. In the event of a disaster, the entire ward can be sealed off from the rest of the city. Once, when the city was almost conquered, the entire city was razed, except for the noble houses in the Guilded ward, who rode out the battle safely behind stone walls.

Midmarket Ward – The Midmarket ward and the Artisans Ward are almost one district, divided mostly by the type of work done there. The Midmarket Ward is home to many merchants. The population tends to look down on the residents of the Artisans Ward as lesser folk, despite the fact that they couldn’t live without them.

Artisan’s Ward – The Artisans Ward is home to the affluent craftsmen and tradesmen of the city. They tend to not care for the folk of the Midmarket Ward, saying they prefer to work for a living. The Artisan and Midmarket Wards are both encased in a strong wooden palisade, which can be sealed off in case of disaster.

Blocks – The Blocks is the home to nearly half of the city’s population. They include laborers, sailors, artisan apprentices and the like. The

The Quay – Is an industrial district that surrounds the port of Redwater, it hosts several inns but very few residents. The Quay is the only contested territory in Redwater, with The Cartel and the Syndicate both vying for control. Bodies are routinely discovered by the morning workers on their way to work.

Slum District – The Slums are the homes of the jobless, destitute and those who aren’t interested in staying put for too long. There is no sanitation or order as to how this area is set up, ramshackle buildings just pop up wherever. The Red Watch has recently given the Slums District more attention, trying to clean up the area, but they have a big hill to climb as the people are used to looking out for themselves.

Ironically, the Slum District is reasonably safe from both of the major criminal elements of the city. Neither the Syndicate or The Cartel are interested in tangling with the gangs that protect and control the Slum District and leave it alone.

Criminal Elements

The Cartel – This organization is relatively low brow. They deal in prostitution, protection, poisons, murder for hire and other generally bad stuff. They run the Blocks and now maintain control of The Quay, having muscled out their rivals, the Syndicate in the fallout following the failed coup two years ago..

It is no secret that those wishing to do business with or meet The Cartel can go to the Mugs and Mead Tavern in the Blocks. However, those who go there looking for trouble find it…badly.

Syndicate – This organization was really just the seedy side of the Merchants Guild…or maybe the Guild was just the business front for the criminal organization…no one could ever decide. In addition to ensuring that all businesses are paying “dues” to the Guild (and punishing them if they don’t), the Syndicate handles smuggling, high-end prostitution, murder and political leverage for those who can afford them.

Anyone wanting to meet the Syndicate can go to Pavel’s Restaurant, but they had better come prepared with a password and references. No one gets into business with the Syndicate unless they are referred by previous clients.

The Syndicate recently found itself on the losing side of an attempted coup in Redwater. During the disastrous battle, several high-ranking members of the organization were killed or captured in the act of treason. While the organization has survived to some extent, they have nowhere near the level of power and influence that they used to wield. Nonetheless, they would be a foolish organization to ignore.

The slum have their own criminal elements…gangs. These gangs originally were just criminals, but they slowly evolved into a defacto police force that protected their neighborhood. Anyone caught killing or stealing in a neighborhood had to answer to the local gang. Justice in the Slums is quick and brutal, don’t get on their bad side.

Other Organizations

The Chartered Company has it’s headquarters in the Midmarket Ward. It is a large transport company that spans the entire realm.


The City Guard is called the Red Watch, which is housed in The Barracks in the Blocks. The building is actually a small fortress built into the palisade that controls entry and egress to the Midmarket and Artisan’s Ward. It is a prison as well as housing the Red Watch.


While the Red Watch is the defacto military force in Redwater, when the times get tough, you can’t mobilize the whole guard and leave the city unwatched. Redwater has come to a solution for that, too. They allow mercenary companies to headquarter in the city. The city has standing contracts to hire multiple mercenary companies to defend the city from attack and for any campaign that would take them far from the city.

Nessa’s Falcons is one of the major mercenary companies in the city. They sided with Prince Grey during the coup and have close ties with the Heroes of Redwater. As such, they have risen to great prominence within the city, a situation that has earned them several enemies. However, none have been foolish enough to tangle with Nessa directly.


Quinn Grey is the Prince of Redwater, a position he has held for only a short time after the death of his father. Quinn has proven to be a controversial ruler so far, daydreaming of returning his city to glory. One of his more contentious decisions was assigning a Guard-Captain to police the Slum District (which effectively makes the district an official entity in Redwater, acknowledging something most of the rest of the city would like to ignore).

The Prince’s official residence is the Alabaster Court, where most official acts of government are carried out. The Alabaster Court is at the very center of the Guilded Ward, and is well protected.

Quinn’s rule was challenged in a coup by the Syndicate under direction from Davos the Necromancer, but survived with the help of the mercenary company Nessa’s Falcons and the Heroes of Redwater.


The Redgranite Mine is 10 miles north of the city in the general direction of the Orecrusher Dwarf Clan.


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