Odar's Oddities

Odar’s Oddities, located in the Midmarket Ward, is the place to get a bit of this and a bit of that…so long as it’s magical that is. Odar buys and sells magical potions, trinkets and anything else that he finds interesting. Odar does not trade in weapons or armor.

The shop itself is a haphazard collection of shelves and display cases. There is no apparent order as to how the shelves or items are set up, yet Odar knows exactly where to find every item in his store at a moment’s notice.

Here there are stacks of unlabeled wands (though Odar will let you know what they are if you ask), potions, scrolls, tomes of magical spells, rings, belts, etc. Odar will buy and sell any magical items (or anything that’s very interesting) without much of a fuss. If someone brings in something that is unique and magical, Odar has been known to pay a premium price to get his hands on it if he has to.

If a character brings in a magic item Odar is happy to identify them for a small fee. If the item is unusual, he will identify it for free if you allow him to study it for a while.

Most of the common folks in the city avoid Odar’s store, thinking him to be crazy. Though Odar is a bit skewed, he isn’t crazy. He really is just preoccupied with magic to a fault. Folks going in to or coming out of Odar’s Oddities are likely to get a few concerned or sour looks from the locals.

Odar's Oddities

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