Artisan's Ward

The district of Redwater that houses most of the merchants, artisans, professional soldiers, and anyone else who has the coin and standing to separate themselves from the unwashed masses.

The Eagle’s Nest is is the Artisan’s Ward. A tavern built around bravado and derring do.

The Forge, Redwater’s fighting school, is also in the Artisan’s Ward.

Helm’s Anvil is located in the Artisan’s Ward. It is purported to be the best smithy in town, capable of making and repairing even magical equipment. It is run by Helm Bloodknuckle, cousin to Baron Bloodknuckle. Helm employs dozens of assistants and takes apprentices. This partly because he loves teaching someone how to smith and partly because he needs help to keep pace with the staggering number of orders he has to complete.

Helm’s Anvil is responsible for outfitting the Red Watch.

Artisan's Ward

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