Shades of Grey

That's our claim you claim jumpers

With the fallout from the previous adventure raining down on them, the group was uneasy to put it mildly. The Stuffed Falcon was an obvious calling card from the Syndicate and their identities were known to them, the had to find a patron that could provide some protection or they would simply be killed one night. Alcher had fortunately made connections with the Chartered Company and they had a prospective job lined up with Muk Won. The group would investigate and then reclaim an abandoned mine for the Orecrusher clan from goblins. They would be well paid and have the support of the Chartered Company, a group that the Syndicate was loath to challenge. Before they set off the group scattered to take care of personal matters, Lane went to the Red Watch barracks to see how recruiting a possible apprentice and offering her talents as a trainer, Alcher went back to Brewing, Gerran went to the Eagle’s Nest in search of Nessa but was unvailable, and Oolog went shopping.

The morning came and the group set off with Muk to the site of the mine and was shocked to find another group there. A large group of nearly a dozen well armed individuals had rerouted a stream and were in the process of flooding the mine! Neogitations went poorly as the claim jumpers were found to possess a forged deed that they were deceived in purchasing from an operative of the Syndicate, Mr. Grey! They would not listen despite the best diplomatics efforts of the group blood was spilled and the unfortunate claim jumpers were disposed of. All care was taken in care of their burial and the stream was rerouted to the original path and the group prepared to enter the mine. Muk agreed to remain at the mouth of the cave with his guards and make camp.

The damage was done however and the passageway was flooded, Oolog volunteered to go first and navigated the submerged tunnel and safely made his way out and back. The groups efforts to navigate the tunnel were not so successfully as Gerran, Alcher, and Lane nearly drowned because of the slow progress they were forced to make due to the narrow passageway. On their second effort they made it and discovered a chamber with no bodies but plenty of blood.They quickly discovered why as a pair of carrion crawlers lurched towards them!

Battle was swiftly joined and despite several close calls no one in the group was paralyzed from the crawler’s venom and they prepared to rest and then continue their journey into the depths of the mine.

June 15th So we are going to stop an ambush

The group was summoned to the Eagle’s Nest after Gerran had been gathering some information about the “problems” that had been hounding Nessa’s mercenary company. She had discovered that the Syndicate was behind all of her misfortunes. Their actions had caused great harm to her organization and she had a task for the group. She requested that they ensure the safety of her latest job, she was sending two of her men to serve as bodyguards for a very wealthy dwarf named Hondo Orecrusher, who was buying into the gems business in Redwater. A market currently controlled by the Syndicate, and they wanted no competition.

The group consisted of Layne, Oolog, Alcer, and Gerran and they set out to meet and clear the way for Nessa’s Eagles. After a few hours of travel they came upon a work detail attempting to repair a washed out road, something did not seem right and as Layne & Oolog moved to talk to the Guardsmen and their conscript they were caught in an ambush. The “guards” sent their conscript to talk with Layne and Oolog while Gerran and Alcer stayed some distance behind. While the conscript explained thier presence here both Gerran and Alcer realized this was not standard protocol and as Gerran readied a spell, Oolog and Layne were target by snipers.

The sudden barrage caused Oolog the most harm as he was hit several times and poisoned from crossbow quarrels. Layne was hit for far less and shook off the effects of the poison. The “conscript” was revealed to be a bard and began singing to aid his comrades, the odds were not that bad until a group of three mounted warriors charged out of a hidden cave. The group was caught between the anvil of the “guardsmen” and the hammer of the charging horsemen. This was not a simple ambush this was an extermination squad, Hondo and his bodyguards would stand no chance against this. Oolog was hit again and fortunately his rage kept him alive as he fought back. Gerran unloaded his magic against the bard and Layne held her own against the two guardsmen. Alcer was readying his various grenades and let loose a barrage upon his foes.

The horsemen were well trained and were able to skillfully dodge both spell and weapons while delivering more and more damage to group, Layne and Oolog bore the worst of it while Gerran and Alcer tried to even the playing field. Gerran cast a rolling flaming sphere that forced one of the snipers from his perch while Alcers concoctions made short work of the horsemen. After several hard fought rounds they were all heavily battered but breathing while the lone Syndicate survivor was at their mercy.

He was an amicable sort and after a short discussion cut a deal with them for his freedom in exchange for letting them know about the Syndicate’s backup plan. A large flying beast remained to be taken care of to ensure the survival of Hondo and the prestige of Nessa’s Falcons.He could only provide a vague description of the beast, it was some type of flying animal and bore some resemblance to a lion. After healing as best as they could they set off down the trail in search of the beast, it did not take long.

A manticore soon appeared and announced its presence with a shower of spikes, striking most of the party. The beast delighted in staying out of their range and swooping in to attack isolated members, they had to wear it down through a battle of attrition. Gerran was able to weaken the beast with spells while ALcer blasted it with alchemical explosions, Layne and Oolog both struck it with ranged weapons and soon the beast fell dead. The were left with a health understanding of the Syndicates reach and thoroughness as they arrived back at Redwater. Nessa was shocked at the forces raised against her but was grateful to the group for the success of their mission and rewarded them handsomely.

As they were leaving the Eagles Nest they were approached by a lean individual who identifeid himself as Mr. Grey and wished to talk with them. He said that he had to reprise his opinions of them and that he left a package for them at Grahm’s Imports in the Guilded Wards and merely suggested that they retrieve it and consider the contents. Mr. Grey then departed leaving the group to consider his words. In agreement they set off to retrieve the package and a short while later they arrived at Grahm’s and retrieved the package. They decided to open it immediately were shocked and the contents, inside lay a stuffed falcon.

A nice honest job

After their recent success with retaking the mine for the Orecrusher dwarves, the group returned to Redwater to collect the reward and search of new opportunities. Gerran rejoined the group along with a member of the grateful Orecrusher clan to seek out new adventure. It only a few hours they found themselves in the proxy employment of Nessa Elaness to deal discretely with a problem in the Quay. Endo Hammerfel, the owner and operator of Locks and Gears was the target of intimation and extortion from the Cartel. The group consisting of Lane, Gerran, the Orecrusher dwart, and a pyrotechnic gnome set off for the Quay. They were however tailed upon leaving the Eagles Nest, but their tail was soon picked up and the group began a frantic game of cat and mouse trying to deduce their tail. Through some close calls the tail got away but not before they deduced he was a member of the cartel.

Upon reaching Locks and Gears, Lane offered to stay behind while the other three went in search of The Pit, a retched den of scum and villainy but with great ringside seats for fights, in hopes of gathering information about the social and economic layout of the Quay and tracking down their prey. In a few short minutes they found the location but the fights were not scheduled to take place until later that night. They meandered until the fights took place and after purchasing prime seats the fights played out as they scanned the crowd but were unable to find their target but after a magnificent fight between a boar and wolf ended in Gerran and the dwarfs favor they say several individuals leaving the pit suspiciously. Quickly cashing in their wagers they set out after the group and a few moments later they caught sight of the four men speaking with the man who had followed them earlier that day. The stranger asked them if they had seen the Endo at the pits and upon hearing their reports they set off for the Locks and Gears to take care of things. The trio followed from a safe until they arrived at the Locks and Gears

As one of the henchmen tried to pick the lock on the door to the Locks and Gears, a nigh impossible task, seeing their quarry focused on door they crept as close as they could before unleashing a barrage of explosives, spells, and crossbow bolts. Caught unaware they withered under the barrage before replying in kind and soon the street was full of explosion and the death cries of men. As his fellows were dying the lock pick succeeded in opening the door only to receive an arrow to the head from Lane who was patiently waiting inside. Endo emerged from his bedroom and was then commanded by Lane to return there while she handled things.

The fight in the street had already claimed the lives of two of the thugs and their apparent leader was felled with spells and explosives. The dwarf had taken several arrows but in his rage he gave them no heed. The lone survivor fled for the apparent safety of the open door only to meet his end at Lane’s longsword. She announced it was safe for Endo to come out, and as the dwarf stared at the bloodshed in his store his only comment was, “Who is going to clean up this mess?” The paladin graciously offered to mop up the blood as her comrades made preparation to toss the bodies into the see. Fortunately there were no witnesses as they disposed of the bodies into the sea.

The next morning the group set off for the Eagles Nest to meet with Nessa, she was very interested to hear if the group knew about a fight that took place in the Quay near the Locks and Gears, the Redwatch had arrived at the scene to discover evidence of a fight but no bodies. She smirked at that and handed a pouch that she had received from Endo.

Session 1, April 6 2012

The party starts in the City of Redwater, on the northern edge of the Constant Sea. They started off in the Midmarket Ward and went into Odar’s Oddities to look for work. Odar greeted them warmly, but did not have any work. He encouraged the PC’s to bring to him any unusual magical items they found and offered to buy, sell and identify any nonweapon magic they encountered.

The PC’s continued on into the offices of The Chartered Company and heard Yolanda Lightfeet yelling at her assistant, Mookwan, to fix some kind of problem “immediately.” Mookwan hired the party to locate a lost shipment from Redgranite Mine and the fate of the guard they sent to escort it. The party accepted an offer of 4,000 gold to fix the problem.

On the road to Redgranite Mine, the party was ambushed by a group of Worgs, who they drove off easily. They continued to the mine and noticed that the dwarves who were at the entrance were actually zombies. A fight ensued out in the area near the mouth of the mine with the zombies. A skeleton (who was wearing the emblem of The Chartered Company) appeared to be leading the zombies and displayed some unusual powers.

He insisted that the party not be killed, but “brought to the boss”. The party wiped the zombies and skeleton without suffering any significant losses. At the outset of the battle, the party noticed a Mohrg awaiting them inside. As yet, it has avoided sunlight.

The party has learned what happened to the shipment and the guard. What now?


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