Kire Arrowstorm

Owner of Redwater Tannery


After a long career of adventuring, the ranger Kire felt out of step with the community of elves he had left many years before. He wandered for a time, finally settling down in Redwater, where he set himself up doing the only thing he really knew how to…making light armors and bows. He now runs the Redwater Tannery.

Kire is a bit world-weary, having little time for politics and other things that he feels don’t really affect him. He is a member of the Merchant Guild because most of the other businesses are and he didn’t want to be hassled for not being a member. Kire is a master archer and still wears a sword on his belt and a bow near at hand wherever he goes out of long habit.


Kire Arrowstorm

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