Angel D'Antone


An old retired swashbuckler is the owner and proprietor of the Eagles Nest. Though he is old, he is still very handsome and excellent with a blade, replacing some of his lost speed with his long experience at dueling. The experienced fighters know that Angel is dangerous, though he is long past challenging men or allowing himself to be drawn into fights.

Angel recently won a duel against a 20-something fop in legendary style. The younger man drew a dagger against Angel in his bar and cut him when Angel asked him to stop bothering a woman who wasn’t interested in him but was too polite to ask him to leave. Angel had him thrown out, bandaged his arm and then followed the young man out into the street and challenged him. The young man drew his blade and charged forward.

Angel, according to onlookers, waited with his arms folded across his chest and stepped to the side and let the boy fly on by. A moment later, the fop’s pants fell down to his ankles. Angel just smiled, holding the man’s belt up in the air like a trophy. When the fop bent over to pull his pants up, Angel whipped him across the backside with the belt and knocked him over.

Before the man could even dream of standing up, he found Angel demanding his surrender at sword point. The man wisely submitted, but never did get his belt back.

Angel D'Antone

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