Shades of Grey

The Deepening Shadows

The situation is bad enough the dwarves are asking for help

Several weeks had passed since the defeat of the starspawn, Roth had procured the former site of the cult compound and was transforming it into a temple to his god. Things had calmed down and his comrades were enjoying the spoils of the their victory. As he wandered the streets of Redwater he was set upon by a curious pair of humans, The more fanciful dressed of the pair introduced himself as Averd Hedgewood and was a student of the arcane and his comrade was Fujita a powerful druid. They had been drawn to the city upon hearing of the rumors of the strange happening in the areas. Roth described what had taken place and the climatic battle against the starspawn. The pair were let down they had missed out the climatic battle and as they were preparing to depart Mukwan from the Chartered Company. He rapidly told Roth that he was requested to help deal with a matter, his comrades were unavailable so he remarked to the two humans that if they were looking for a challenge they were welcome to join him. They pair agreed and they followed Mukwan to the chartered company.

Yolanda greeted them and after introductions were made she remarked that the dwarves from Orecrusher Hold were requesting assistance to deal with an issue. Roth knew the situation was desperate if the dwarves were asking for help. For a chance to show up the dwarves Roth could not let that go. The pair of humans eager for adventure joined as they traveled via a portal from the company compound to the dwarven hold. As they emerged from the portal they were met by a dwarf who introduced himself as Purnell and a contact for the Chartered Company.

He described that several dwarves had gone missing and the resulting search parties had also vanished. Whatever was taking the dwarves was beyond their abilities to deal with, the trio agreed and after requesting a detailed description of the area in the mines where the dwarves were going missing they set off. After traveling for several hours they found a region of the mines that were roped off with warning signs advising them to turn around and leave the area. They advanced into the area and soon noticed that the darkness was getting thicker and soon the edge of the area illuminated by their light sources just stopped. They pooled there knowledge and realized that what this was the plane of shadow leaking into this plane.

As they were pondering their options something emerged from the darkness and the sight of the undead startled the group. It was the size of a normal human but Averd realized it was far more than a normal skeleton it was Winterwight and was greatly concerned. Roth channeled his divine power and engaged the undead, the moment he approached it he was racked with pain but he fought through the extreme cold and began attacking it. Fujita transformed into an earth elemental and sank into the ground. The battle went back and forth as the winterwight dealt a horrible wound to Roth and fighting off the effects as dark flames emerged from the wounds. Roth channeled his power healing the wounds and preparing to charge back at the undead. Fujita provided a buffer between the two and forced the undead back into the plane of shadow and Averd let loose a blast of magical fire from a safe distance away.

The undead emerged from the plane of shadow and teleported itself into melee with Avard, The wizards scream in terror and tried to scurry away from the creature. Seeing the danger their comrade was in, Fujita transferred into a fire elemental and engaged with the winterwight while Roth used dimensional hop to engage in melee and after a brutal combat the wight crumbled into dust. As combat ended they realized that the plane of shadow could be forced back by intense light, Averd conjured light at the edge of the intrusion and after traveling through side tunnels they came upon the other edge of the portal. They left another portion of magical light and returned to Purnell and informed him of what had taken place.


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