Shades of Grey

The dead rise as one

Roth had arrived to witness the finale of the battle as the Prophet vanished and was close enough to hear the party cursing at the prophet for fleeing. Sketchy and Oliver accompanied a large group of wounded to safety. Fortunately Magister Evalia and Booka pooled their arcane knowledge and realized that the Prophet had fled for the Astra Plane, and that she had one scroll that would enable someone to finish the job of slaying him. Virage volunteered to pursue the Prophet and he vanished in a flash of arcane power. Mere seconds later something began to happen in the battlefield as the bodies of the slain, cultists and mercenaries alike were drawn together and formed an enormous hulking mass. Reginald realized an instant that is was a Warsworn, and started panicking at the sight of it. Booka and Roth merely grinned and prepared to charge.

What followed was a brutal melee as the party fought the undead construct with everything that they had. Thankfully they were not alone as Negran arrived and began casting fireballs as the warsworn. The beast just kept absorbing the damage and striking back at the party. Reginald was nearly felled after the creature ripped off a portion of itself and flung it at the arcanist. The party realized that the beast could heal itself by consuming the dead and with the plentiful bodies from the massacre they were fighting a loosing battle.

Roth, & Booka stood in front of a pile of dead and knew that if the beast were able to get past them it would be fully healed. The two half orcs would not allow that, they both nodded to each other and prepared themselves. Roth channeled divine energy into himself and Booka activated her celestial armor and took flight. Then they both charged. As Roth cleaved large portions of necrotic tissue from the beast, Booka channeled her arcane power as was able to cast baleful polymorph upon it. The creature roared and began to change shrinking in size and before the shocked party was transformed into a common cat.,,,this did not make it any less deadly as Roth soon found out when he was knocked back by a powerful blow. The now tiny undead raced back and forth dodging the large amounts of arcane power raining down upon it from Negran, Reginald, and Booka. A final blast of power struck it down and Roth shattered the broken carcass with a final blow.

As the party collapsed from exhaustion an arcane message arrived from Virage that he had, “Disarmed the prophet” and he was ready to return. After a short visit to the Arcane Tower Magister Evalia returned and was able to cast a spelling bring them both back from wherever they were and Virage was allright and the prophet was missing his limbs. Prince Grey battered from his role in the battle approached and was ready to pronounce and deliver a death sentence on him before the party stopped him. They argued that as long as he was alive he could not be raised by another party, and they did not know the remaining resources of the cult. Prince Grey sheathed his blade and told the party that this only delayed the execution. He turned to the assembled crowd of mercenaries, soldiers, thieves, and cultists.

“This man threatened our city, he promised salvation and brought only pain and suffering to those who trusted him. His end will not come quickly but today we have ripped out this horror by the roots and with the support of our stalwart allies we shall do the same to the dark god he served! This I swear to you as your Prince!” The crowd roared in applause!

The then commanded Evalia to cast every type of charm spell at the towers disposal to leave the prophet unable to have a thought of his own and he would tell them everything secret that he possessed. He turned to Casica Vrel to secure the area with the Redwatch. He then thanked Orden Hardhammer for their support of the city and asked the party to bring the prophet with them to the Alabaster Court. Negran caught up with them as they were departing, he had done more research and the Starchild would arrive somewhere north of the city.


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