Shades of Grey

The Chronicler's End

To storm Fort Egret was not a task that party looked forward to, making the situation more difficult was that Virage had disappeared. Roth thankfully had an old comrade, a hulking half orc named Gord and based on the trophies of slain foes that covered his muscular frame. barbarian was not one to be trifled with. They met with Reginald, Booka, & Eldin and set off for the fort. Reginald offered to teleport them close to their destination. They agreed that there only hope was to strike quickly and for all their sakes not to read anything!

They arrived a short distance from the fort and cautiously approached, but not stealthily enough as they were spotted by six ash giants that waited in ambush! Gord and Roth charged the trio north of them while the rest of the party dealt with the other three. Gord proved his worth as he tore into the giants with reckless abandon! He and Roth felled one after another. The rest of the party did not fair so well as soon the garrison of the fort let loose a barrage of arrows upon them and a figure was soon rising into the air above the fort.

Reginald let loose a blast of arcane power that nearly wiped out the archers but soon a blast of arcane power came from the figure flying above them. That the party could not identify the caster but they could see large draconic wings flapping in the wind. Booka was not one to let a challenge go unanswered and activated her armor and soared into the sky to take the fight to the new enemy.

Eldin concentrated his power on healing the wounds that Reginald was emphatically complaining about and dealing with the remaining ash giants. Between the half orcs engaging them in melee and a very angry druid they did not last long. The party regrouped and entered through the fireball shaped hole in the fort’s wall and prepared to deal with the gnome and end the cult once and for all.

The Chronicler had other plans and began unleashing one scroll after the other on the party. They were grateful that their willpower was strong enough to shake off the effects of his mind control and fell to the combined spell power of Reginald and Eldin. As the Chronicler breathed his last, Booka brought down the dragon disciple with some timely spells thrown by Reginald through the magical rings they shared.

After they were finishing their victory over the last of the cult, they explored the newly liberated fort. They found a number of supplies stolen from beguiled travelers, along with a wealth of correspondence between the prophet and the chronicler describing their plans and further implicating the three noble families of supporting the cult. Their foes slain the party set off to return to Redwater. Reginald began to plan out his future in the city, with the fort needing someone to watch over it, the replacement of some noble families, and of course his reputation for aiding in the defeat of the cult his future was quite bright…all he had to do was survive the coming arrival of the Starchild.


silvergamgee clancyr

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