Shades of Grey

That's our claim you claim jumpers

With the fallout from the previous adventure raining down on them, the group was uneasy to put it mildly. The Stuffed Falcon was an obvious calling card from the Syndicate and their identities were known to them, the had to find a patron that could provide some protection or they would simply be killed one night. Alcher had fortunately made connections with the Chartered Company and they had a prospective job lined up with Muk Won. The group would investigate and then reclaim an abandoned mine for the Orecrusher clan from goblins. They would be well paid and have the support of the Chartered Company, a group that the Syndicate was loath to challenge. Before they set off the group scattered to take care of personal matters, Lane went to the Red Watch barracks to see how recruiting a possible apprentice and offering her talents as a trainer, Alcher went back to Brewing, Gerran went to the Eagle’s Nest in search of Nessa but was unvailable, and Oolog went shopping.

The morning came and the group set off with Muk to the site of the mine and was shocked to find another group there. A large group of nearly a dozen well armed individuals had rerouted a stream and were in the process of flooding the mine! Neogitations went poorly as the claim jumpers were found to possess a forged deed that they were deceived in purchasing from an operative of the Syndicate, Mr. Grey! They would not listen despite the best diplomatics efforts of the group blood was spilled and the unfortunate claim jumpers were disposed of. All care was taken in care of their burial and the stream was rerouted to the original path and the group prepared to enter the mine. Muk agreed to remain at the mouth of the cave with his guards and make camp.

The damage was done however and the passageway was flooded, Oolog volunteered to go first and navigated the submerged tunnel and safely made his way out and back. The groups efforts to navigate the tunnel were not so successfully as Gerran, Alcher, and Lane nearly drowned because of the slow progress they were forced to make due to the narrow passageway. On their second effort they made it and discovered a chamber with no bodies but plenty of blood.They quickly discovered why as a pair of carrion crawlers lurched towards them!

Battle was swiftly joined and despite several close calls no one in the group was paralyzed from the crawler’s venom and they prepared to rest and then continue their journey into the depths of the mine.


silvergamgee clancyr

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