Shades of Grey

Spelunking in the Underdark is ill advised

The group pressed on after their battle with the carrion crawlers, they pressed on exploring the mine coming upon another series of chambers. Another chamber was filled with refuse and an overwhelming stench, as they began to leave one of the piles started to move and from the heap a beast lunged at them. After a few tense moments of combat the beast was dead and after persuading Olog not to dig through the rancid garbage for treasure they returned to the central chamber and before they could decide on their next course of action they were suddenly attacked by a large snake that was blasting them spells. Damage was dealt all round with the party being blasted pretty soundly but in the end they were able to destroy it with a combination of explosions, spells, and good old brute force. The snake had a wealth of magical items that were divided amongst the party and they moved to explore the last chamber that actually turned into a tunnel that lead deeper into the earth. They moved further down and suddenly the ground gave way beneath them, Olog and Lane grasped arms but began to tumble down while Gerran grabbed and held them for a moment as Alcher quickly drank a potion and grabbed Gerran and began to pull the group to safety. Looking down the newly revealed chasm they were horrified to see a pulsating green cube patiently waiting below. They also realized that the tunnel went deeper and deeper into the earth and was actually a connection to the underdark. A place that the group knew was well beyond them. They agreed that they had completed their task and returned through the underwater passageway, without nearly drowning this time, and explained the situation to their employer. Mok Wan was grateful for their assistance and they returned to The Chartered Company to receive their payment.


silvergamgee clancyr

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