Shades of Grey

March of the Wooden Soldiers

After their last encounter with the Syndicate the party realized that they were up to their eyes in a power grab by the Syndicate to take control of the city of Redwater. They needed more information about where the actual golems were placed and not the sculpted forgeries. Their only option was Odor’s, if there was any type of magical item that could detect golems, then he would have it. As they were makingtheir way to the Midmarket ward they came across Oolog who had taken care of his personal matter. The party quickly informed him of their recent exploits and the threat that they were now investigating. Oolog offered his keen Dwarven insight.

“Lets just gather up the statues and light them on fire.” He offered.

“Then they would get up and start walking around the city while on fire and we don’t know which ones are golems and which ones are statues. Four of them gave us a hard fight, just imagine what twenty or so would do to us. " Gerran offered.

“Oh, okay.” Oolog replied.

Upon their arrival at Odor’s they explained the basics of their request to the eccentric owner, who seemed to have developed a new twitch since their last visit. He returned with a pair of amulets that he promised would be able to detect the presence of any type of golem, and thanks to Miria’s excellent negotiation skills they were able to procure them for an excellent price. Gerran and Oolog donned the amulets and they set out through the city wards to locate the real golems.

After their scouting mission they took a short rest to prepare and recover spells before they reported back to Guard Captain Ogren at the Barracks. He was eager to hear about their findings and the party shared the locations of the real golems, Ogren was very upset to hear that most of the golems were located in the Blocks, the area that was his direct responsibility. Ogren stopped the discussion and had the party follow him to met the Casica Vrel, the Guard Commander of the Redwatch, and apprise her of the situation. The party knew little of Commander Vrel other then that she was young, at least in terms of an elf, and she was an excellent commander and well respected by the Redwatch, though there was a rumor she was in a relationship with Quinn Grey, the prince of this city. They soon arrived at her office and Ogren made the introductions and the group retold of their experiences with the Syndicate. She immediately called for the Redwatch to be deployed in force and to destroy the statues. She would depart for the Alabaster Court and personally brief the Prince as to the state of affairs. Lane asked as to what the party could do to aid their efforts.

“You have done enough but I am sure you will find someway to contribute.” Casica replied.

Gerran addressed the party, “I propose we go see a man about a bird.” Ogren and Oolog looked confused at the odd statement but the rest of the party nodded in agreement and departed.

It only took a short while to travel from the Barracks to Grahm’s Imports and the owner was surprised to see them still breathing, and after a few tense moments he agreed to contact Tomwise Paval with a magical sending so they could have a polite discussion. Gerran and Alcher both made sure the scroll that was being used was one of sending and not a destructive spell, and a reply came a few moments later from Tomwise Pavel saying that he would be there shortly to discuss matters. A few moments later he arrived and there was a tense standoff as he tried his best to intimidate the party with veiled threats that there other things that the party should see to.

Ike was barely keeping his temper in check while Pavel insulted and attempted to intimidate the party, the insults were largely ignored but somehow this one man was able to intimidate the party. He was no mere lackey this was someone who was used to power and not afraid to get his hands dirty. With a final sneer at the party he simply turned away and walked outside. Ike suddenly felt a bizarre compulsion and fled the building, right past a waiting squad of Syndicate enforcers. He was stabbed several times but was compelled to keep running for a nearby fountain.

The party jolted into action as Lane turned her gaze on Grahm and learned in an instant that he was just as vile as Pavel, greed from any sense of moral objection she drew her blade and prepared to strike him down. Oolog and Gerran moved to join the paladin while Alcher drank an invisibility potion and made to sneak out a nearby window. Ike had jumped into a nearby fountain and after a few moments his mind cleared and began to reclaim his wits. Grahm revealed himself to be a mage as he attempted to cast a spell at Oolog but the raging dwarf was able to shake off the effects and countered with an axe blow that splintered Grahm’s head. With the threat ended inside the shop Lane moved outside the entrance and was attacked by the same foes that had attacked Ike. Alcher had made his way out through a nearby window and surveyed the area, Ike had recovered his wits and was preparing to rejoin the fight and Pavel was some distance away now wearing plate armor but Ike still charged straight for him and struck a mighty blow. Lane was quickly surrounded by a quartet of enforcers and was barely holding her own. Alcher quickly prepare an explosive and lobbed it at the enforcers, it exploded magnificently causing harm to them all but avoiding Lane. He was to quick to celebrate his victory as a volley of spikes for a newly arrived manticore impaled him through his chest. The new arrival was soon joined by a large minotaur who moved to protect Pavel.

With the party scattered things looked bleak, but Oolog was able to fight his way to Lane and the two fought back to back striking down the enforcers. Alcher was impaled again by another volley of spikes and the manticore landed to fight or eat the gnome on foot. Ike leaped from the fountain and bellowed a warcry while charging to save his small companion from the manticore’s gullet. Gerran was casting a spell upon himself and placed the stuffed falcon on top of Grahms corpse before he exited the building through a different window to attack the enemy from behind. Miria left the building through the same window that Alcher had earlier and gasped at the sight of the impaled gnome. She quickly began channeling energy to keep him from passing out from trauma. Ike was able to slay the beast before it could deliver the final blow to Alcher. Pavel had healed himself from Ike’s blow and cast a vile spell that struck Oolog causing great pain. The battle raged back and forth between the enforcers and Ike and Lane. The pair were finally able to take them down but they had suffered greatly in the process, fortunately Miria was able to heal their wounds. Ike seeing the manticore dead turned to charge the minotaur that was advancing towards the battered pair of Lane and Oolog. Gerran had rounded the corner unseen and prepared to engage Pavel. The minotaur and Ike exchanged savage blows that would have killed lesser beings, but in the end Ike emerged triumphant and Pavel dropped to the ground gravely wounded from Gerran’s blade and spells. As the battle rush ended they all became aware of something odd, there had been no golems in their fight, just where were they?

They soon heard the sounds of battle resonating throughout out the city and they had their answer. They were already being used to attack other areas of the city, they could tell that the nearest battle was taking place at the Alabaster Courts. The group grabbed the barely alive Pavel and made way tthere as fast as the could. They arrived to find Nessa and a few of her mercenaries standing guard outside the broken gates with a fair number of dead syndicate enforcers around them. She had no idea what it was that ripped open the gates but there was another syndicate squad on the way. She and her men would hold them off while the party moved inside the court and investigate the fate of the prince and his inner circle. Gerran pointed to the battered body of Pavel and remarked, “This is the real one.”

Nessa casually walked over and began savagely kicking but not killing him. She thanked the party and returned to her men. The party moved through the broken gates and became aware of a loud crashing sound as they moved into the courts it became louder and louder until they reached the heart of the fortress and saw a large earth elemental battering a tower entrance while 4 wooden golems stood guard. Others might have been intimidated by their foes but the party merely charged their foes. Ike savagely reduced a wooden golem to splinters with a single blow, Gerran slew another golem with a combination of spells and sword work. The rest of the party turned their attention towards the elemental and remaining golems. Alcher let loose another barrage of bombs but was struck by the elemental with such force it nearly killed him. He retreated behind Oolog and Lane while Miria frantically healed him. Gerran cast a lighting bolt at the elemental while Ike engaged the last of the golems. The creature was finally slain thanks to a combination of Oolog and Lane as Ike slew the last golem. The tower was still sealed but they were safe for now.


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