Shades of Grey

Making new friends over interrogations

With their reward in hand the group set off for a well deserved drink at the Falcon’s Nest, only to find it completely overran by graduates from the academy who were getting sloshed out of their minds. They were able to find a table and after a few moments they came across a member of the Smiling Horizon. The monks of the order served as the city mage hunters as well as overseeing a large orphanage which offered vocation training in various fields. Hewas trying to recruit some of the graduates for a task. They gradautes refused saying that it was beyond them and walked away, Alcher made his way over to the man and inquired as to what was the problem. The man revealed himself to be Sivo a monk and refused to say anymore to someone he did not know. Alcher dropped Nessa as a contact and the monk agreed that if she were to couch for them he would trust her world. Nessa was occupying a side room trying her best to ignore the riffraff that invaded her bar, she was more then willing to vouch for the group. He explained that one of his charges had gone missing from the monastery and that he believed that something foul had occurred to him. His possessions had been left behind and the missing boy was enjoying life at the monastery. The boy had been a cut-purse before joining the orphanage and the monk believed that someone in the cartel had kidnapped him. The boy was an orphan so he held no benefit as a hostage for ransom, he had only been at the orphanage for a few weeks and he had been party to no great secrets of the order so the boy could not have been involved in some form of espionage or sabotage. They agreed to help find the boy and return the boy if possible and asked to see the boys room at the orphanage in hopes of finding some clue that the monks had not.

Alcher, Olog, Lane, and Gerran arrived at the orphanage and the monk quickly showed him the missing boys room, a quick search found nothing out of the ordinary until Alcher found a large molar that had been unnoticed by the monks. A quick locate object spell later lead them to a bar deep in Cartel territory called Mugs and Mead. While they may have mugs the mead is not very good. The group entered and kept to themselves having a round or two while their potential target nursed his drink. They witnessed the spectacle of the lead bartender Orden Hardhammer tossing out a customer who had mistreated one of the barmaids. Their target was revealed to be a male human dressed for combat and with a longbow and several other weapons. They waited for several minutes after he had left and tracked him for several minutes until he realized that something was up. Lane had split off from the group to cut off his avenue of escape

Olog sprinted up to catch up to him only to be tripped by their quary, Gerran and Alcher still tried to be diplomatic but their target was not listening and was rapidly drawing an arrow, Just as Lane was rounding a corner and saw Gerran hit by an arrow. She Bellowed out a warcry charged down the street and barely avoided an arrow Alcher was not so lucky. Olog finally pulled himself up and charged the archer and just barely with the flat of his axe. Alcher lobbed a grenade that was fortunately and non-lethal and by the time he recovered Olog and Lane both were upon him with weapons drawn. Their quary dropped his bow and raised his arms in surrender.

His name was Charney and he had been hired by the cartel for the sole purpose of retrieving the boy from the Smiling Horizon Monastery. He did ask how they had been able to find them, an Alcher held up his missing tooth. “Bloody magic.” He replied. That was all they got out of him as a trio of redwatch guardsmen arrived demanding just what the hell was going on. Gerran bluffed their way out saying it was a bargame gone wrong, just tying to catch arrows. The guard did not buy it and demanded that both parties leave in opposite directions. The group returned to the Mugs and Mead, Lane volunteered to stay outside and keep watch. The remaining trio went inside and waited for the crowd to thin out before asking Orden for more information. The crowd thinned out to only a few regulars when they approached Orden again. They explained that the were looking for a missing child. Orden glanced at the picture of the boy they presented and explained that the boy was safe and would stay safe so long as no one was looking for him. The regulars at the end of the bar were now standing up and drawing weapons. Seeing that they were at an impasse the trio took their leave before things got violent.

They were left with no easy solution, the cartel had the boy and were not going to give him up for fear of what he had learned that might be used against them. There was also no way that they would be able to fight their way through the bar and into whatever spider-holes were beneath the tavern. They cordially left tavern, met up with Lane and returned to the Smiling Horizon Monastery and explained to monk Sivo that for the boys own safety the monk had to let him go for fear the cartel would kill him if there was the possibility of people to continue looking for him. Alcher idly mentioned the name Chancey and Sivo reached for a scroll that had been delivered to the temple to be given to the group upon their return from someone named Charney. It stated that Charney was very grateful that they had not turned him in as a kidnapper to the Redwatch and that he might be of some assistance retrieving the boy if they would meet with him.


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