Shades of Grey

Hunting the Reaver

Virage, Booka, Reginald, & Roth were gathered with Prince Grey and the now thoroughly charmed prophet for answers. What the prophet answered their questions truthfully his responses left them shaken.

There was no way to summon the Reaver, they would communicate through sendings, he was a powerful spellcaster, but he had no additional protections against spellcasters. Skalls had been the connection between the two, the Reaver had contacted Skalls to kill someone and he made the introductions. There was a s standing agreement for the Reaver to raise the prophet from the dead should he be killed before the arrival of the Starchild.

The Chroniclers name was Varell and he was based out of Fort Egret. The fort was located to far from the city for direct control and as long as written reports arrived there was no reason to suspect anything was amiss. The prophet had taken control of the fort several months ago. The cult had seized control and had been extorting merchant caravans for additional supplies. The chronicler would use his powers to make them forget that anything was amiss or kill any troublemakers.

The nobles that had been supporting the Prophet were Scray, Olafson, and Garrick. They supplied the cult with resources in hopes of seizing control of the city after the chaos subsided.

The prophet then spent several moments describing how their doom was assured when the Starchild arrived.

The prince stated he would deal with the nobles but wanted the party to take care of the remaining elements of the Cult. The party debated the merits of taking care of the Chronicler or the Reaver, eventually they agreed that if the Chronicler was taken out then perhaps the Reaver had an agreement with the Chronicler as well. They knew where to find and went to prepare to travel as quickly and stealthily as possible.

A teleport spell later they find themselves outside the cavern where they had faced the Reaver before. The party agreed that there first priority had to be to keep the blighter druid from fleeing the cavern, they would have to destroy the tree or anchor him to the area. They did not have the resources of the Arcane Tower so they would not attempt to take him alive…they would get the answers from his corpse. They approached as stealthily as possible and Reginald promptly started throwing fireballs into the chamber.

What followed was a vicious melee against the Reaver and his undead minions, and a short lived treant. Reginald continued to cast spells from a safe distance away by using the dimensional rings on Booka and finally the combination of blows from Booka, Virage, and Roth brought the Reaver down. A short while later they communicated with the spirit and while he was not cooperative they were able to learn some more information.

He was not working directly with the cult but with Skalls, Virael the chronicler was a manipulative bastard, he had nothing to share about the starchild, but there was no other forces assisting them. The party made plans for the future for contacting someone to undo the damage done by the reaver to the region…but first they had to see a halfling about his writing projects.


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