Shades of Grey


So much was hinging on this as the starspawn neared impact. The party prepared as much as they could, Roth went into communion with his god for several days to prepare himself, Booka visited the Arcance tower to fine tone her skills, Reginald began procuring powerful scrolls, and then there was Prince Regent Lord King Ike who boasted of the powers of his pants and they would be instrumental to their victory over the abomination from the stars! They knew the location that the beast would impact, or as close as they could possibly surmise, as they traveled north from Redwater near the town of Wil’s Crossing they prepared for the confrontation.

They pooled their resources bolstering each other with spells and potions, Roth insisted on a Hero’s Feast that even if one of them would meet their gods they would die with a fine meal in their bellies. Reginald had conjured a tower better to observe the surrounding area. They could see the abomination descending from above and before it made impact Bokka roared, " Death awaits us let us not keep it waiting!" Roth and Ike were a step behind. Reginald did not share their enthusiasm and was content to cast spells from a difference until the tower started shaking. It could not be an aftershock and then it happened again, cursing his luck he raced down the stairs after his comrades.

There were no words to describe the abomination as it crawled out of the impact crater, it was crawling towards them. As the charging trio neared suddenly there minds were assaulted by a horrific vision which left Ike Running the other way until he stopped and stared dumbfounded at the sight. Booka and Roth clashed with the beast. As they slashed into the beast they were bashed by their foe. The starspawn opened a portal and a pair of powerful demons emerged that began to pursue Reginald.

Booka raced after the demons to save their comrade while Roth continued to attack the beast, which now was levitating off the ground, Roth resorted to using dimensional hop to approach and slash the beast. Booka was unleashing blade and spellcraft upon the demons with Reginald’s assistance when he was not running away from the demons. Blow by blow they fought back with every ounce of their being. Finally, Ike was able to break out of the mental stupor and after helping Booka fell the remaining demon he charged the starspawn and dealt it a mighty blow that brought about its end. He hefted a severed tentacle into the air and screamed out in victory!


silvergamgee clancyr

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