Shades of Grey

Follow that skeleton

Roth, Booka, Sketchy, and Oliver were relaxing at the Eagle’s Nest in their safe room awaiting news from Virage as to what happened the night before. They did not have long to wait as soon he arrived with another stranger. He explained that the new arrival was named Reginald, he was an arcanist and an old comrade. He then shared what took place the night before and his actions in escaping during the confusion. The party discussed their options and realized that there were three options to them.

1 Pursue the animated skeleton which had fled the barracks.

2. Search for the prophet

3. Search for Negran.

After much discussion the party agreed to search for the skeleton, thanks to Virage possessing the discarded flesh of the skeleton Olivia would be able to track the skeleton. The party reasoned that the skeleton would hopefully lead them to the prophet and Negran. With Olivia in the lead the party set off and soon were lead to outside the city and she remarked that the trail lead to the south west to the Reavers Waste after traveling for several hours by whatever mounts they could acquire they arrived at the mouth of a cave.

The party pressed onward with Virage in the lead they pressed on through the cave and soon found a tunnel that lead deeper underground. The party pressed onward with Virage mindlinked and in the lead they set off again and he soon found the tunnel opened into a large chamber and there was some type of large beast. He studied it confident he could do so unnoticed. He described the beast to the party as being a gigantic worm that as he drew closer realized was floating off the ground, and it was suddenly moving a gaping maw to be directly in front of him. With an uncharacteristic scream of panic Virage darted away deeper into the cavern to find somewhere to hide.

The rest of the party charged into the fray but were unable to move more than single file through the winding tunnel and soon found themselves being showered with acid being launched from the creature, that they identified as a neothelid. As Sketch rapidly shared what he knew of their abilities and the fact it could detect almost anything did little to lessen the panic that sketch was feeling. Olivia responded as most druids would do when facing a flying gargantuan worm…she transformed into an allosaurus and began attempting to savage the creature. Booka drew her axe and entered combat as well, only to be hit repeatedly by several tentacles and barely avoided being grappled. Roth charged a moment later but was protected by his gods power and began striking wherever his blade could reach.

The battle went back and forth as the party was hit with acid showers, tentacles, and the occasional mental attack. The party responded with blow for blow and Reginald responded with a variety of arcane blasts. Inspired by Virage’s attempts to leap on top of the creature to engage it in combat, Roth channeled his gods power and leapt through dimensions to land on the bests back and he began chopping at it like a madman. The beast screamed in pain but Roth did not stop until the creature collapsed lifelessly to the ground….thankfully missing his comrades below.

The party recovered from the battle and discovered that there was another tunnel at the end of the chamber that lead deeper underground. Olivia confirmed that the trail of the skeleton continued onward. Though the party was curious how it was able to avoid the beast without engaging it in combat?


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