Shades of Grey

Explanations and deadlines

The party was leaving the Eagle’s Nest when they noticed that the streets were far more deserted than they should be for this early in the morning. They noticed that there were multiple missives posted on nearby buildings that advertised for a gathering to take place and work towards the good of the city. Virage examined it he determined it to be written by the same person who had created the forgeries that were to be planted on Charney…..and that there was a compulsion to go to the meeting. The group pooled their arcane resources and realized that the effect of the missive was very similar to the influence a Bard would have on a group and that there was an offshoot of bards that were called Chroniclers who could convey there power through the written word. With their suspicions about what was to take place at this meeting As the party was preparing to travel to the location a messenger arrived stating that Negran was waiting for them at their room at the Eagle’s Nest. They decided to speak with Negran and then follow the flow of people.

The bartender seemed very on edge when they returned and after Roth spoke to him he passed him a note warning him of something. Anticipating a problem he cast Resist fire on Olivia based on their past experience with Negran leading with fireballs. As they entered the room they were shocked to see that it was not Negran waiting for them but rather the prophet. The prophet was calm and collected, not showing the barest hint of unease at being so close to those that had thwarted some degree of his plans. He calmly stated that he had arranged the distraction taking place outside so that he could have a private discussion with the group.Through a tense discussion he asked just what the party hoped to accomplish, he merely wished to save as many souls as he could before the arrival of the Starchild

The tense conversation continued with the prophet mocking the party’s attempts at concealing their presence from him outside of this room. The prophet then inquired about the fate of Skalls, since he did not come when called. Virage took this as an opportunity to pull out a thigh bone among those he had retrieved from the battle in the Reaver’s Waste and offered it to the prophet. Several not so veiled threats were exchanged and the prophet simply asked “What had the city done for them that they were so intent on aiding it?”

Each person had a different response, Roth liked the wine, Virage asked what the prophet would pay him, Sketch and Olivia agreed that they were not a fan of earthquakes. The prophet replied that he saw no real harm in a few earthquakes, no one was really harmed and that was all in the past. Why was the party causing him such difficulty, the starchild was going to arrive and that all the party could do was prevent him from saving as many souls as he could. He remarked that it was nice to meet them and that was all that he intended. He then vanished through a dimensional door. The callous actions in the way the prophet treated the party made it obvious that he did not view the party as a threat, and best they were an inconvenience. They resolved to meet with Lord Charney and bring him up to date with what they had discovered. As tehy were leaving Angelo again asked Roth if everything was okay with the bill, Roth remarked that he would stay with Angelo for a bit and then meet the group at the Alabaster Court. The note had warned of an ambush of some sort and he wanted to not to draw the party into it. His plans were thwarted as the moment the rest of the group stepped out they were ambushed by a barrage of arrows.

Thankfully the barrage had missed most of the party and only Olivia had taken damage from two arrows, she immediately transformed into an Allosaurus and began advancing, the rest of the party drew blades and Roth teleported behind the enemies battle line. The leader of the ambush group realized what it was that had taken place and wisely asked for a parlay. Virage was not willing to let spilled blood lie and demanded compensation for the wounds taken by Olivia, the druid had remained in her altered form and demanded gems in compensation for the wounds she had suffered. Virage was let down by the lack of blood being demanded by his comrade and the leader of the opposing side quickly passed a bag of gems over. The dinosaur returned to her normal size and gladly accepted the offering.

With both sides calming down Roth demanded of the assassins who they were working for and who was their target. The leader replied that they were members of the Cartel and that he would tell them more but wanted to get off the street. Roth remarked that they would journey with the group to the Mugs & Mead Tavern. they had received a tip for a trusted source that the wizard Negran that they were looking for was inside the tavern and that he would be coming out looking for a fight. Roth replied that they had received the same information and that they had both been tricked by the Prophet who wanted the two sides fighting each other. The group arrived at their destination and the Cartel members took it as an insult that someone had tricked them and vowed to look into their own sources. The party than set off to report to Lord Charney with what had transpired.

They arrived at the Alabaster Court and were soon greeted by their benefactor and informed him of their interaction with the Prophet. He was already exhausted from dealing with the results of the mass gathering that had swept up most of the city and to learn it was arranged for the sole reason of being able to meet the group left him aghast. He inquired as to what the party planned to do and they agreed that they had to find Negran to learn what it was that he knew that the Prophet wanted him silenced. Charney had access to several scrolls and used one to prevent scrying and suggested using a scroll of commune for some divine input.

The party asked several questions and received some answers but not all the ones they wanted. They learned that Negran was not in the confines of the city of Redwater, but that he was on this plane of existence, and looking for asylum. They also learned that the Prophet did not know where he was, and that Negran was not hiding in his old lair. As for the Starchild they learned that its arrival was immanent, and that there was nothing calling the creature to Redwater.

The party agreed that they might have to go off the reservation and not let their actions reflect upon Charney or the prince. After several more minutes of intense discussion Charney suggested using magical means to see if Charney wanted to talk, he produced a scroll of sending. The group realized that since he was being hunted by several parties he would want sanctuary from the,. Lord Charney suggested the fortress of the newly made heir to the throne Lord King Ike. With their plan arranged and with the approval of Lord King Ike they used the scroll to send their message and wait. They did not have long to wait before Negran responded asking them to meet at the Chartered Company in an hour so they could discuss terms. With their plans prepared the party set off for the Chartered Company.

Upon their arrival Mukwan lead them inside and they met with the the local leader of the company, Yolanda LIghtfeet, she stated she had been asked to serve as the mediator between her client and the party. She explained she had taken precautions to prevent scrying and asked the party what their offer was.

The party began negotiations with all honesty and confident they were protected from any form of observation. They stated that they had arranged for sanctuary for Negran in the Land of Land under the protection of Lord King Ike, and that they would escort him. What they wanted in return was all the information that Negran has on the Cult, the Prophet, and why the Cartel was after him. Yolanda took a moment to soak in the party’s offer and after considering it she agreed to it. She would contact her client and expected that the party would follow through on the terms offered or there would consequences. A short time later Negran appeared before the party, his appeareance was different from the last time that the party had interacted with him beneath the city, he was haggard and was constantly on edge from avoiding the different groups searching for him.

Negran explained the cult was after him because of what he had learned about their plans. He had originally been hired to create clockwork soldiers for them, and after the party had raided his lair he had returned to the cult asking payment for his losses. While at their compound he learned from other cult members what exactly the StarChild was and what its arrival would do to Redwater. He could not go to the authorities because of his previous actions, the Cartel was hunting him because of a large loan he had taken out from them for his research. A sum of 50,000 gold pieces. He had been able to avoid detection because he had stockpiled a number of scrolls to prevent scrying in any form. He went on to describe in detail all he had learned about the Starchild, it strengths & weakness, and most importantly its arrival. The creature would arrive in only two weeks!

The party took a momentary pause to catch their breaths at Negran’s revelation before they began making plans. They inquired as to the status of the remaining clockwork soldiers in the caverns beneath the city, could they be repurposed. Negran replied as long as they were still functional. Roth suggested that it was time to go on the offensive and deal directly with the cult and their mad Prophet once and for all. The clockwork soldiers could be used to keep the cultists at bay while they dealt with those in control. That said they escorted Negran to the keep of Regent Crown Prince King Ike where the charismatic individual greeted them whole heartedly and welcomed Negran to his home. The party decided to then report to Lord Charney and plan their next course of action before leading an armed raid into the slums.


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