Shades of Grey

Don't fear the Reaver

The party continued onward and followed the tunnel deeper into the depths and with Virage in the lead and linked with the rest of the party. Soon Virage came to a chamber and could hear an argument. Virage recognized it as belonging to the guard who had tried to frame him for murder. The rest of the party drew closer but did not enter the chamber as they all could make out the words and could see a skeletal figure yelling at an ancient gnarled tree.

“Come forth and pay the favor due!”

Besides the skeletal figure the party spotted four gaunt figures at the end of the chamber that they identified as bodoxs, a powerful form of undead. As the party was planning their attack, Olivia volunteered to enter the chamber and assist Virage who was already inside skiring the edge of teh chamber, she assumed the shape of a small bird and flew to the top of hte cavern…the momnet she entered the chamber the undead knew something was amiss. Sketch decidd to abandon all forms of subtlety and assumed the shape of a death worm and then turned invisible before tunneling into the earth. The two half orcs grinned at each other and prepared to charge into the frey.

as the party entered into the chamber the humanoid that stepped out of the tree conjured a thundercloud which began to strike at the party. Olivia retaliated in kind and conjured a hailstorm to strike at the undead engaged with Booka & Roth. The skeleton and Virage were caught in a brutal game of cat and mouse, they were evenly matched and Virage was forced to improvise by using a decanter of endless water to launch the skeleton against the far wall where Sketch was engaged in combat with the undead.

Booka and Roth soon learned that the undead were resistant to some forms of magic and more susceptible to others, they hacked their way through the undead and while Roth was able to shake off the affects of their gaze attack Booka was not so fortunate and was greatly weakened. That did not stop her from charging into battle with the remaining undead. The humanoid that the party soon realized was a human and some type of druid was occupied countering Olivia, who had attempted to turn the withered tree into a treant. As she kept the human occupied Virage was able to discern that he was a blighter druid, the antithesis of Oliva.

As the Booka and Roth finally reduced the undead they were fighting to shreds booka charged off to help her comrades that were engaged with the remaining undead and Roth teleported to engage in melee with the blight druid.Between the comined efforts of Booka, Virage, Olivia, and Sketch the undead fell one by one….though Booka was the only one that would fall victim to their gaze attack. Roth engaged the bligh druid directly and savaged him with a series of blows that caused him to retreat into the tree and vanished. As combat ended the party was upset that the blight druid had escaped and discerned that there was no easy way to discern where he went. They realized that he was probably not the legendary blight druid that had reduced the area to a wasteland. They looked at the suffering tree that the druid had emerged from and Olivia recommended they put it out of its misery. She conducted a short ceremony and the tree was reduced to ashes.

The party then interrogated the spirit of the skeleton rogue that had been attempting to parlay with the blight druid. They learned his name was SKulls and that the prophet had sent him to par;ay with the blight druid. He had also been a member of Nessa’s Falcons. The rest of his answers were vague and misleading. They party set off for the Eagle’s Nest to confer with Nessa about this new information.

They returned to Redwater and soon were at the Eagle’s Nest, Nessa was at her usual table and she confirmed that Skulls had been a member but did not fit into the group. He was more brutal and enjoyed killing. He had left the group and took jobs the Falcons would not. She was sad to hear of his passing, for all their differences they were once friends. She shared that through her contacts she had learned the cult was growing in strength in the slums but had no information to share on the location of Negran but would keep looking. The party agreed they would share what they learned with Lord Charney and then regroup.


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