Shades of Grey

A new arrival and an old foe

The group has finished bring Negran to the Land of Land, he had shared with them that there were ten clockwork soldiers remaining and that he would leave instructions on how to operate them and turn them over to the Redwatch. As Negran finished his explanation of their operation the party caught sight of a frantic horseman who was riding towards them at a frantic speed. As the party readied themselves for battle after Prince Regent Lord King Ike remarked he was not expecting anyone else to arrive, the rider came to a halt and tossed a large sack at the party before he put his spurs to his horse and raced off again. They advanced suspiciously upon the sack when it started to squirm and move, thankfully before the party destroyed the sack Virage stepped forward and opened it allowing a confused and disorientated halfling to emerge.

He greeted the party as he struggled to stand he introduced himself as Eldin and remarked he had been sent on an important errand to bring the party word of a large beast to the North that had been terrorizing the region, the party’s fame had spread and he hoped that they would help. Prince Regent Lord King Ike volunteered the party and wished that he could join them but he must stay and keep The Land safe from harm, and that he would send word to Lord Charney and infrom him of what Negran had told them. With everything they had discovered and faced over the past few weeks, the party was looking forward to the relatively normality of a hunting a monster. They pressed Eldin for details and he replied that there had been only scattered sightings of a large winged beast and there claw markes scratched into the ground.

With Eldin leading them the party departed for the wide open plains north of Rewater. they had not traveled for more than a day and had learned Eldin was a powerful druid but the beast was beyond his abilities to defeat. Then they caught sight of a large winged beast nearing them. They identified it as a Barbed Tongue Wyvern that rapidly closed and engaged with them. The fighting was brutal but they emerged triumphant and Eldin was certain that the region was much safer not that the threat had been dealt with. He joined them on the return trip to the Land of Land. As the approached the borders of Redwater they could sense something amiss and they soon received a magical sending from Lord Charney, informing them to get themselves to the slums immediately. The prophet had made his move and declared himself ruler and announcing the end time were upon them all. The party raced for the slums and hat to deal with large crowd of people either fleeing or rushing to the slums to see what was happening. Roth was separated from the party and not wishing to fight through a crowd told the party he would catch up to them.

The remainder arrived to find a tense standoff with the Redwatch, Nessa’s Falcons, and the Cartel keeping a large collection of the Cult, the Prophet, and a contingent of mercenaries at bay. What followed was a tense diplomatic duel as Sketchy was able to trick the Prophet into admitting the doom that awaiting them and saving them had never been his goal at all. This caused the cult to disperse but as the prophet realized he has lost the crowd he ordered his mercenaries to kill them all. What followed was sheer chaos as the once fervent believers fled for their lives as the party rushed to do battle .

It was not as easy fight as the prophet unleashed his divine energies upon the party and his guards continued to attack the former believers. Even as the battle turned against him the prophet remained unfazed and channeled more divine wrath upon the party. It was only when Virage dealt a might blow to the prophet that wounded him causing his to drop unconscious….only for a contingency spell to be triggered teleporting him away and causing something horrific to happen to the bodies of the slain.


silvergamgee clancyr

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