Shades of Grey

A day in the city

With the disguised Virage on his way to the barracks to be interrogated the party scattered to accomplish their own missions. Roth sought out Charney was lead to a small room where Prince Grey and Guard Commander Casica Vrel were waiting. He explained what had happened and apologized but the prince’s reaction had to be sincere and the Virage was hoping to draw the attention of the cult and then gather information from whomever they sent to kill him. The trio were impressed at the faith Roth had in his comrade.

After a moment of consideration Roth asked about the state of city and what else was happening, After a short discussion he explained a theory that he had that whoever was behind the cult was preparing for a power grab and that they probably had allies amongst the nobility. He explained the attempt on Charney’s life was special, anyone can be sent to kill someone but they wanted to discredit it, and by extension the prince. With Charney out of the way several nobles would benefit. Prince Grey was very concerned by this and after further discussion realized that he must name an heir, it had to be someone trusted and a member of the nobility.Charney and Vrel could not be nominated, they were to close to him. There was only one person that would be accepted, one of the Heroes of Redwater, Lord King Ike With the issue of succession settled Roth asked about the noble Garrick.

Charney muttered a curse, Garrick had been a pain in his side ever since the coup. Every motion Charney put forth, Garrick or one of his allies opposed it. He was the patriarch of large well connected family. One of his relations was the guard captain of the Guilded Ward, the guard captain had fought for the prince during the coup. Vriel was convinced that a man like Garrick had secrets to hide. Roth volunteered to investigate but added he would be consulting some less than savory sources, and excused himself as the prince needed to consult Charney and Casica to plan their next move.

Roth returned to the Eagle’s Nest and sought out Nessa for advice on how to approach the Carte. She was surprised to say the least. Roth explained his reasoning and she agreed it was the proper course of action, she advised him to speak to Orden, the head barkeeper at the Mugs & Mead tavern in the blocks. She cautioned Roth to be direct and be careful, Orden was not one to be underestimated. He thanked her for the advice and set off for the tavern to make contact with the cartel.

Roth had used his abilities to mask his equipment to make him appear to be more of a normal fighter and not a warpriest. The tavern was packed but surprisingly peaceful, and after a few moments he was ordering mead of a questionable source and talking to Orden. Roth was blunt about what he an his comrades faced beneath the city and after several more drinks Orden invited him to a private room to talk more. Once they had their privacy Orden asked if he could tell him more. Roth for a moment felt his resolve shake and for a moment weaken before it passed and returned to normal. He explained that he was searching for Negran and for information on the dealings of Garrick.

Orden was impressed by the direct approach but wanted something in return. Garrick is a powerful member of the city and to have him as an enemy…well there would have to be some kind of compensation to make it worthwhile. Roth knew he was making a deal with the devil but he was not going to agree to anything until he knew what the syndicate wanted. It is a small city, Negran took something from us that we want back, so you bring Negran back to us alive and than we will get you what you want. Unless you have a problem with that?

“Damn wizard tried his best to kill me and my comrades, I don’t have a problem with that.” Their accord struck Roth left for the Eagle’s Nest, it took longer than usual as there was some type of commotion going on in the Blocks. He paid it no heed, the city was not fire, he had a bellyful of bad mead, and a desire to get some rest for the coming day.

Booka had left earlier for the Tower of the Arcane to consult with the members in hopes of meeting or learning more about Negran. After entering the tower she learned where Negran’s quarters were and after a failed attempt to enter a pair of guards arrived. She calmly stated that she was hear to see Negran and was blasted in the face by a ward. She then asked to be brought to Magister Evalia as she had business to discuss with her. The pair of guards quickly escorted her to meet with "Magister Evalia. They had met previously and the magister made her distaste with the magus well known, it infuriated her to no end that Booka was a powerful mage not under her control, and possibly a rival for her position. The pair were soon left alone in the privacy of the magister’s office and they had a tense but cordial conversation.

Booka explained that she only wanted to leave a message for Negran and asked if the magister would be able to assist her with that. Evalia agreed to, Booka quickly wrote a short note asking for him to contact her at the Eagle’s Nest and passed the note to her, she promptly opened it and read it. She then remarked it would be placed in his quarters and stated that should Negran contact her than Booka should contact the Arcane Tower immediately. Booka replied that the moment she heard from him, she would contact the magister.

With their conversation done, Booka left the Magister’s office and explored the tower until she found a training to practice and refine her techniques. After several hours of practice sh decided to return to the Eagle’s Nest but as she was nearing the blocks there was a great commotion as members of the Red watch were frantically moving around dispersing groups of people to return to their homes. Booka asked what was going on and learned that there was a breakout from the barracks and that there were several casualties. The rumors became very strange after that, something about guards chasing a skeleton. She mused that it did not seem like Virage’s style to cause this many problems or casualties, something else was afoot, but with the Red watch clamping down hard on this area of the city, she doubted they would want any outside assistance. She continued on her way to the Eagle’s Nest and was expecting quite a tale from Virage when she met him next.

Virage still disguised as the cult leader was sitting in a cell in the depths of the barracks. His dagger had been taken from him, while most of the the rest of his possessions remained glued to his body as he intended them to.A pair of guards interrupted his musing as they approached his cell and informed him he was to be taken for interrogation….then one guard killed the other by driving his short sword through him. Virage was shocked by what transpired, he was expecting an attempt on his own life and not on the guards. He attempted to open the locked cell door while the guard with a look of madness on his face began slashing his own arms with Virage’s dagger and flinging the blood at him. The guard was delighted by Virage’s attempts to force open the door and with a look of complete madness on his face he stabbed himself with the dagger and collapsed lifelessly to the ground. After seeing what transpired Virage ceased trying to force the door open and reached for his dagger, he reached it just before the transformation began.

The guards body began to convulse and wit ha sickening pop the flesh slid off the corpse and pooled around its feet as the skeleton sprang upwards. Then it began moving erratically towards the upper levels and the exit. Virage knew he did not have long before the guards arrived in force and this time they would not be content with a simple interrogation. He scrambled and was able to reach the keys that were on the body of hte guardsman slumped against the cell door and upon opening his cell door he frantically shoved the corpses into his portable hole and with a look of disgust on his face climbed into the hole. The sounds of combat intensified than dropped off as several moments passed, and than a contingent of wounded guardsman arrived. Virage caught several conversations about what had occurred, The skeleton had fought its way out of the barracks killing several members of the red watch along the way, the utter amazement that there was plenty of blood but no bodies near this cell, and the building was under lock down.

Several moments of intense searching the contingent of guards left to continue scouring the fortress for Virage. Things had definitely not transpired as he hoped they would, he reappeared and reached into the portable hole and removed the body of the guardsman who had been killed by his comrade and removed his uniform before placing the corpse back in the portable hold and donning the uniform. So began his great escape as he left the lower levels and bluffed his way past several guards. He did take a slight detour to the armory to reclaim his remaining items and to take what he could. He found a chest labeled Pavel and upon opening it found a very nice dagger which he took. He had no way of knowing he had just taken a dagger that belonged to one of the most dangerous men in Redwater.

After several close calls Virage emerged from the barracks to find the area in turmoil as members of the watch were trying to restore order. He blended in with a group of guardsman and then slipped away, there was to much of a presence in the blocks to make it the Eagle’s Nest so he changed disguises again and set off for the slums, he knew somewhere he could lay low for the night.


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