Shades of Grey

A camping trip north

The party broke camp in the morning and set off north for the Orecrusher holds, after their fight against the orcs and frost giant they were on guard had no other distractions on their travels. Alcher did however have an axel break on his wagon and told the party to go on ahead and that he would catch up with them shortly. Their was a small toll to pay to travel through the tunnel, olog was given a break as a fellow dwarf and the party had a relatively uneventful journey through the tunnel. They did meet some merchants heading in the opposite direction but the merchants did not have time to stay and chat It took only a day of travel for them to emerge from underground and see a vast savannah spreading out before them.

The party decided to travel to the city of Tylonia, the only major settlement in the area, as they journeyed north they quickly learned that they were being shadowed by figures in the distance riding horses. Not wanting to provoke a fight when they were outnumbered and in unknown territory the party pressed on keeping a sizable distance between them and their pursuers. They were making good time until their path was blocked by a solitary horseman. They were able to move out without incident and after a few more hours of travel arrived safely at the city of Tylonia. The city was nowhere near as large as Redwater, the entire city could fit into only one of the city’s wards. It was the largest settlement in the area and the best place to begin their search for the lich.

They began investigating for any word on Davos and after meeting the ruler of the city, Lord Jaden, the party learned that there was a power struggle between the three tribes that roamed the savannah. The Talon Clan was now the dominant tribe but this was the first time that one tribe reigned dominant over the other two. There were also rumors that the tribe was wielding strange magic. The party decided that they needed to meet with the other tribes to find out what they knew about the Talon clan. They met a member of the Howling Gale Clanm he gave the directions to a place sacred to his clan that night to meet with their leaders. They set out immediately too reach the site and arrived with just enough time for Ike to prepare the pavilion. A short while later of group of barbarians arrived and their leader introduced himself as , Redge of the Howling Gale Clan, the party welcomed him inside and despite the diplomatic fumblings of Ike the party did not come away empty handed. They learned that the Talon Clan were now the dominant force in the area and the Howling Gale clan and the other tribe the Bloody Pack clan had lost territory to them. Most importantly the party learned where they could be found. Redge was also unsure of how the Talons had risen to power so quickly. They did not know about Davos but the party might learn something from the Talons. The emissary of the Howling Gale.

As they set off into the land that were claimed by the Talon Clan they came across a raiding party and battle was joined. The raiders were accompanied by a mage who used his power to transform the landscape that trapped the party in a sea of weeds. The fight turned desperate as Ike was caught for several moments in an arcane quagmire, but he was able to muscle his way through the wretched terrain. The fight turned desperate as they struggled against ann assault of mounted cavalry charge. The party was able to vanquish the raiders, the raiders were easily identified as members of the Talon tribe.


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